We are a professional supplier for springs and custom wire forming

When you want to find spring manufacturers or wire forming services from China, you do not only want lower prices, but also want easy communication, professional advice and predicable outcome.

Our engineers have more than 20 years of experience in metal wire products, with cutting-edge CNC machines, we are capable of providing a wide array of wire products, which include:

  • All kind of springs: compression springs, tension springs, conical springs, rectangular springs
  • All kind of custom wire forming products: paper clips, wire hooks, and so forth

Additional processes include:

  • Welding, brazing, soldering
  • Swaging, threading, notching
  • Painting, powder coating, zinc/nickel/brass plating, galvanizing

Our capabilities

We are capable of dealing with the materials of:

♦Carbon steel wire ♦plastic coated wire ♦alloy steel wire (including piano steel wire) ♦aluminum wire.

The wire diameter can be from 0.15mm to 16mm (cold formed).

(0.3-8mm is the easy range for wire cold forming)

The wire can be round, but also can be flat.

We can also deal with uncommon and very difficult wire products which need extensive attention, in some cases, they even need piece by piece inspection.

How to get started with us

Send us the drawing, pictures or sketches, state as detailed as possible the requirements. We will decide what are the best manufacturing processes to be used, and we know the production cost in China very well, we will get you the best price possible with which a good quality can be maintained.

Get a free quote

We will check if the following information has been provided besides the product geometry information:

Required: ♦Material  ♦quantity or EAU

Optional: ♦heat treatment  ♦surface coating  ♦spring forces  

We will also check if the current design is proper for manufacturing or some modification is required.  At the end we will probably make our drawing to indicate all quality requirements. This will be used for production and quality inspection.

Our quote will usually include:

  • Product spec (material, coating, etc.) and product price
  • Possible tooling or mold costs
  • Lead time for samples and production
  • Price term (usually FOB)
  • Payment term

The samples will be made strictly according to the quality requirements pre-defined by the engineering drawing.

The samples fee will be usually between $60-200 depending on the complexity and real cost.

We will submit a QC report with pictures and videos, so you will be kept most up to date.

The samples fee will be usually between $60-200 depending on the complexity and real cost.

We will send the samples to you by courier if that is needed.

We conduct First Article inspection, random inspection and before shipment inspection, and will send you QC report, pictures and videos so you know how the parts have been inspected and they meet the quality requirements.

Courier usually takes 2-10 days, ocean shipment usually takes 25-40 days.