We are the professional supplier for plastic injection molding in China

Boyan Manufacturing Solutions takes pride in supplying great quality plastic injection molds  and injection molded parts, together with professional technical support and friendly customer services, and more importantly, within your budget!

Why you should choose Boyan?

With Boyan, you can skip all the daunting searching and vetting processes and focus on building your own business.

As a sourcing company of custom parts and molds, we protect our customers’ interests in the following ways:

We always check the products with great attention and send reports, pictures, and videos to our customers so they can be kept most up to date. If there are some issues that need to be further verified, we will send samples to them, it only takes 2 to 5 days. As a result, our customers rarely received products with quality issues.

We act as an Escrow service between our customers and factories. We do not release the payment until the quality has been verified and approved. Even after the products have been shipped, we will hold partial payment so the factory will take responsibility for any quality issues.

We have binding contracts with factories. If there are disputes, we will side with the customer to protect their rightful interests, but first of all, we choose the honest and diligent people to work with so we will have fewer troubles.

When there is a concern of confidentiality, you can trust us! We can sign a confidentiality agreement (or NDA) to put you more on ease. At the same time, if you want us to give you advice on designing and manufacturing, we would encourage you to give us the full details.

Our capabilities in plastic injection molding

Precision injection molding

  • TPU injection molding snapshot
  • Precision molding connector snapshot
  • LED light lens molding snapshot
  • Precision molding camera lens snapshot

Multi-shot injection molding

  • Multishot injection molding tail light snapshot 2

TPU/TPE over molding

  • TPE overmolding snapshot

Insert molding

  • threaded inserts for plastic molding
  • Nylon mesh insert molding snapshot

Plating, painting and coating

  • Plastic painting snapshot 2
  • Plastic parts painting snapshot


  • Plastic parts assembly snapshot

Our value-added services

We also provide designing services, our customers can get us involved earlier on to save time and avoid possible failures.

Product design: We can create drawings based on your sketches/concept drawing, or preliminary drawings, or pictures of similar products, or whatever you have to present your conceptional ideas.

Mold design: we will provide you the important information for the mold design which include type and location of the injection gate, the ejection method, the location of ejection pins if there are any, and the location of the parting line. We can also send you complete mold drawing if you request.

Design evaluation: if you already have created the drawings ready for production, we can review them and possibly give you some advice to avoid possible injection molding defects, like sink mark, flow line, weld line, warpage, and so forth.

Rapid prototyping

The common materials used for fast prototyping: photosensitive resin (mostly white or transparent), nylon, metal, soft rubber-like resins. 

2 types of common prototyping methods: 3D printing (additive manufacturing) and CNC machining (traditional subtractive machining).

Reverse engineering

Reverse engineering of plastic parts is not merely scanning and copying, it requires detailed thinking and strong designing skills, so the final designs of parts will fit with their matching components and function properly in their assemblies.

Material selection

The most used plastic material: PP, ABS, PA(nylon), PC, PC/ABS, AS, PE, PVC, PET, PMMA(Acrylic), POM(Acetal), PS, rubber, silicone, and so forth. The following factors should be taken into consideration:

  • Food safe (like for food container or children’s toys);
  • Fire retardant;
  • The temperature range of its application;
  • UV resistant;
  • Mechanical properties.

What you should verify when selecting a plastic injection molding manufacturer in China

The mold price presented to you is not only about the hard cost (material, machining time etc.), but also the knowledge, expertise, marketing spending, investment of the workplace that the mold maker believes is worth for.

If you have the knowledge to verify the most critical mold details, you can get a decent quality with a lower price, higher price does not necessarily mean better quality.

The quality of the mold and the plastic parts made by this mold has to do with the mold design, mold steel and plastic polymer you choose, and the precision control of the injection molding process. The manufacturer should ideally be knowledgeable about everything mentioned here.

The below issues should be reviewed before starting on an injection molding project.

  • What is the estimated production quantity? What is the expected productivity and mold life (total shots)?
  • Should the material be food safe (like for food container or children’s toys)?
  • What is the temperature range of its application?
  • Is it used indoors or outdoors, is it subject to longtime sunshine (UV) exposure?
  • Should it have great mechanical properties?
  • Does it have tight dimensional or geometrical tolerances?
  • Is the mold properly designed to minimize or avoid possible injection molding flaws?
  • Does the mold design allow easy ejection of parts, thus to increase productivity and reduce human labor?

You need to find suppliers that are interested in your project and work in a cooperative manner so your requests and questions will be quickly answered, the quality requirements will all be met, and there should be at least no significant delay of the progress.

A quick estimation of mold cost

The mold price has to do with part size, material, mold steel, mold structure…It is a bit complicated, but here you can do a quick self-estimation.


How to get started with us

It all starts from you sending us the drawing, pictures or sketches of your design, if you can send us the sample, that will be even better. Try to state the specs and requirements clearly. Then we will start to do the following:

Get a free quote

We will check if the following information has been provided beside the product geometry information:

Required: ♦Polymeric material (used for the product, if you are not sure we can make our recommendation)

                    ♦Estimated PO quantity or EAU  

Optional:   ♦key dimensions and tolerances  ♦aesthetic requirements for some surfaces  ♦surface coating (if required)  ♦special requirements for the material (like fire retardant, non-hazardous, UV resistant, High/low temperature resistant, and so forth)

We will also check if the current design is proper for manufacturing or some modification is required.  In the end, we will probably make our drawing to indicate all quality requirements. This can be used for our inspection criteria.

We could give you a quick cost estimation first.

Our formal quote will usually include the following information

  • Product spec (material, coating, etc.) and product price and mold price
  • Basic mold information including the number of cavities, cavity material, type of mold base, ejection method, and so forth.
  • Lead time for samples and production
  • Price term (usually FOB)
  • Payment term

We will verify the basic mold information with you prior to mold production. The mold drawing in step format can be sent to you if that is requested.

It usually takes 30 to 60 days to make the molds.

We will submit a QC report with pictures and videos, the QC report will include the injection molding parameters (if that is required). A few samples will be sent to you by courier for testing.

Prior to production, you need to check our samples carefully and makes sure they have met the specs and requirements for their application.

We conduct First Article inspection, random inspection and before shipment inspection, and will send you QC report, pictures, and videos so you know how the parts have been inspected and they meet the quality requirements.

Proper packaging will be designed to protect the products for shipping. We will send you pictures of the packaging before shipment.

Courier usually takes 2-10 days, ocean shipment usually takes 25-40 days, depending on where you are located.