Your reliable supplier for CNC machining service in China

For the past 20 years Boyan Manufacturing Solutions has been delivering CNC machined parts with reliable quality, professional engineering support and reasonable prices.

We are capable of doing many demanding jobs

Whether it is a component for camera lens which require great aesthetic appearance,

Or it is a lighting fixture that has stringent anti corrosion requirements,

We are here to deliver them!

Or small components that require multiple loading in the machining process

Or a part made by tool steel heat hardened and with a high precision

We have great suppliers for material, surface coating, etc.

In many cases the real challenge does not come from the machining processes themselves, which are under better control, but from the outsources processes like surface coating, heat treatment, or the source of material. We have done thorough searches in the past and have developed our own “map” of reliable suppliers. This is our great asset because it does not only ensure quality, but also save you time and trouble.

Strong engineering support, best price

Since we are also experienced in many other manufacturing processes like forging, casting, stamping, injection molding, wire forming, etc., and we have a network of specialists in these sectors, we can give your strong engineering support. When we received the drawings, we know the best manufacturing processes in terms of product performance, productivity and production cost. We can also give you advices to optimize the design in some cases.

How to get started with us

Get a free quote

Please send us the drawings and any related information, like the application of the parts or how they fits in their assembly, pictures of real products are always very helpful We will understand what specific quality requirements are needed, and then quote you the best price that all those requirements can be met.

We will check if the following information has been provided besides the product geometry information:

Required: ♦Material  ♦quantity or EAU

Optional: ♦heat treatment  ♦surface coating  

We will also check if the current design is proper for manufacturing or some modification is required.  At the end we will probably make our drawing to indicate all quality requirements. This will be used for production and quality inspection.

Our quote will usually include:

  • Product spec (material, coating, etc.) and product price
  • Possible tooling or mold costs
  • Lead time for samples and production
  • Price term (usually FOB)
  • Payment term

The samples will be made strictly according to the quality requirements pre-defined by the engineering drawing.

The samples fee will be usually between $60-200 depending on the complexity and real cost.

We will submit a QC report with pictures and videos, so you will be kept most up to date.

We will send the samples to you by courier if that is needed.

We conduct First Article inspection, random inspection and before shipment inspection, and will send you QC report, pictures and videos so you know how the parts have been inspected and they meet the quality requirements.

Courier usually takes 2-10 days, ocean shipment usually takes 25-40 days.