About Boyan Manufacturing Solutions

Boyan Manufacturing Solutions is a China-based sourcing agent delivering a wide spectrum of metal and plastic custom manufactured parts.

We are located in Zhejiang province, China. Our approved manufacturers are mainly located in Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces. They were all handpicked from hundreds of suppliers based on who has the good price, great quality and services, and many of them have been proven by years of cooperation with us.

We save our customers precious time and money for frequent traveling to China, because with our intensive inspection and communication, our customers are kept most up to date and on control of things, which makes traveling to China practically unnecessary.

Boyan is your reliable supplier from metal stamping, springs and wire forming, to plastic injection molding and precision CNC machining services. We also provide diversified surface coating solutions to meet your specific needs.

We not only help with your sourcing needs, but also assist in the CAD designing, material selection, and other engineering services. In one word, we deliver to our customers the turn key project management that turn the ideas into final products, at the price you can afford.

  • Representing the customer’s interests

  • Professional quality control

  • Best price for the quality delivered

About the company owner

John Shi has comprehensive knowledge and experience in custom manufacturing sourcing and a strong background on mechanical engineering. He has helped many western customers with their sourcing projects in multiple manufacturing sectors and achieved smooth transition from design to manufacturing.

In earlier years after graduation from Beijing Jiaotong University, he worked for a state owned company (belong to national railway system) and several joint venture companies as a mechanical engineer and purchaser, then he started his own business later registered as Boyan Manufacturing Solutions. His purchasing career can be traced back to year of 2001.

Boyan Manufacturing Solutions focuses on serving medium and small sized companies to meet their offshore procurement needs.