The key to a quick success of offshore manufacturing outsourcing

Offshore manufacturing outsourcing from China can give you a competitive edge, but due to cultural and language barriers, this could be a daunting task. The best way for quick success is to find a partner with the following features:

  • Have a strong local presence;
  • Professional and knowledgeable;
  • Competitive in prices;
  • Responsible and fully committed;
  • Fluent in English communication

That is where Boyan Manufacturing Solutions comes into play. From 2007, we have been serving the industry with cost reduction, reliable quality and services.

Our main capabilities

  • TPU injection molding snapshot
  • TPE overmolding snapshot
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♦Mold making ♦Plastic parts production (injection molding) ♦Rapid Prototyping ♦Reverse engineering

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♦CNC milling (3 and 4 axises) ♦CNC turning ♦Deburring and polishing ♦Highly aesthetic parts ♦100% visual inspection

  • Flat wire CNC bending snapshot
  • Zigzag spring snapshot
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♦Custom wire forming ♦Coil/Oval/Conical/Spiral springs, Compression/Tension/Torsion springs ♦Round and Flat wires

♦Aluminum anodizing ♦Powder coating ♦Spray painting ♦Electrophoresis coating ♦Copper/zinc/nickle plating

Stamping & Sheet Metal

♦Stamping ♦Laser cutting ♦CNC Bending ♦Deep drawing ♦Cold forming ♦TIG/MIG/Laser welding

Casting & Forging

♦Hot forging ♦Warm/cold forming ♦Sand casting ♦Lost wax casting ♦Centrifugal casting ♦Steel, iron, aluminum and brass

Low price with predictable outcome

We know manufacturing costs very well, and keep our overhead low so we can pass most cost saving to our customers;

We have dealt with many Chinese manufacturers and have rich experience working with them. We know who is capable of doing what and will send the job to the manufacturer who can do a good job with most reasonable prices. We have our own way of selecting and vetting suppliers and keep long term good relationship with them.

While in order production, we randomly inspect manufacturing processes on site and do thorough quality inspection before shipment, and submit QC report with pictures, videos to our customers. If there are any issues arise, we do not hide them but inform the customer exactly as what they are. If some quality flaws cannot be accepted, we sort out the parts thoroughly and rework or scrap the parts with flaws at whatever costs it might take.

Our value added services

Our network of manufacturing and material specialists allows us to supply the value added services of:

Selecting the right material is of vital importance for shortening your product development cycle and avoiding possible product failure. We will give you expert advice on optimal candidates to choose from and list the reason for choosing them, free of charge (if you buy products or molds from us) or at a fairly low cost.

Below is a checklist of the features you may be looking for:

  • Less tendency of plastic molding defects (warpage, weld lines, flow marks and so forth)
  • Wear resistant (like bearings or gears)
  • UV and thermal resistant (for outdoor usage or heating devices)
  • Fire retardnent
  • Environment friendly (food container, toys that have direct skin contact)
  • Aesthetic requirements
  • Mechanical strength
  • Electrical conductive or insulator

Whether it is cnc machined part, an injection molded part, a steel wire product, or a stamping, forging or casting job, we can give you advices on:

  • Material selection
  • Better workability or machineability
  • Less cost and better performance

This will include 2 parts:

First, we know the manufacturing costs in China very well. For example, the shop rate for 3-axis cnc milling should be around $10-15, or the shop rate for injection molding is $6-10. By having your drawing, we can analysis if your product is being reasonably priced.

Second, we will find out if you are using the most efficient manufacturing processes, or if the fixtures are designed properly for maximum productivity. By doing so, we will see if further cost reduction is possible.

We use Solidworks, UG and AutoCAD to create 3D designs based on your description and sketches.

We create 2D engineering drawings and specify very detailed technical requirements, so as to eliminate confusion for manufacturing and quality inspection. Actually only traditional 2D drawings are acceptable for manufacturing use.

By having your sample, we can create exactly the same 3D models.

It is most used for reverse engineering to see if the 3D model conform to the original sample and if it match the mating components exactly. Fast prototyping can also be used to check if there is any interference of different components when assembled together.

3D printing is a cheap and simple way for fast prototyping, but the material is inferior in mechanical properties.

CNC machining can also be used but due to its higher cost this method is less used.

We have been serving customers from the US, Spain, Netherlands, Australia, Italy, Japan etc. for the molds or customs parts used in lighting fixtures, farming equipments and tools, camera lens and accessories, toys, hardware and so forth. We like to take the challenges and enjoy every journey that we have walked through with our customers, and we invite you to join our new China venture.